Our team invites people who are interested in cooperation with us.
The essence is very simple. iHackline is one of the most experienced Hackintosh projects in the world, and we have been working in this area for more than 14 years having accumulated the experience of hundreds of successful installations and creating utilities for automation of the installation process and subsequent maintenance of Hack.

The partnership format is open and understandable, for example:

— A recording studio in Lithuania.
A school of sound recording and music processing operates on the basis of this studio. The school promotes working with professional software in Mac and recommends using Hackintosh as a stable and inexpensive working tool. Our project is a partner of this school and provides its students with Hackintosh.

— Major computer service in San Diego.
The service is engaged in selling professional Hackintosh workstations.

— A post-production and color correction studio in China.
Works on Hackintosh and promotes workstations with Hack among colleagues.

— A recording studio in Germany.
Distributes music workstations with Hackintosh.

The way of cooperation can be completely different and depends only on the specifics of your field of work or creativity. We are open to dialogue and ready to expand the horizon.

All utilities are translated and optimized for English-speaking users.

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