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Simple Clover – Simple Hackintosh

The core message, to which the correct operation of macOS comes down on your PC.

Preamble: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ....” It was time when the first hacks appeared, and a word contains no information at all… And inquiring minds and enthusiasts compiled information bit by bit and wrote their books (such as Hackintosh from A to Z, File for macOS, and of course Clover of Hacky Color; there was already specific literature on how to make HDA sound based on AppleHDA.kext, CPU Performance States, ACPI Specification, etc). Time passed by, and information constantly changed, and it was brought down to a common denominator, but there were many traces of incorrect installation choices with people using such incorrect methods (we’ll talk about this in a separate article).

What is necessary to correctly install Hackintosh?

  • Original macOS installation media.
    No tonymacx86, don't use UniBeast and MultiBeast! It’s very important, because you will not get vanilla OSX system, and your hackintosh will be not work correctly.
  • The EFI folder assembled and configured for your computer.
  • Correct instructions to create an installation USB drive:
    – BDU (Boot Disk Utility) to create an installation USB Flash in Windows.
    – Terminal and a TOOLS kit to create an installation USB drive in macOS.
  • BIOS setup instructions:
    – For configurations with discrete and integrated graphics cards.
    – By motherboard manufacturers.
  • A simple, understandable, and step-by-step guide on the entire Hackintosh installation process.
  • Utilities to automate the transfer of the bootloader from a USB drive to the SSD/HDD with macOS installed on it.
  • Further support and updating the bootloader (the EFI folder)

Many people immediately ask the question: what is the EFI folder?

EFI is a folder in which everything necessary for your Hackintosh is configured; it contains as follows:
– CLOVER bootloader (BOOTX64 file).
– Drivers for CLOVER.
– The configuration file (in common terms, config.plist).
– Only the necessary Kexts.
– DSDT if necessary.

Namely, EFI is Hackintosh!
It remains to configure everything correctly, inject the necessary parameters to correctly tell the system about the configuration of your PC.

An example of assembled and configured EFI

All EFIs are constantly updated using our script, and upon releasing any update, we immediately make changes to the settings of each assembly.

What is presented on our website?

  • Actual macOS installation media to create an installation USB drive in both Windows and macOS can be downloaded here >
  • EFIs that have been already configured for various configuration options; follow a link >
  • The algorithm for the correct steps to install the system, which are similar to install the system on Apple computers:
    – Instructions for creating an installation USB drive; follow a link >
    – BIOS setup instructions; follow a link >
  • Utilities for automation to transfer and subsequent update the bootloader (EFI folders); follow a link >

To transfer the EFI folder from the USB drive to the SSD/HDD is the most important thing in transferring the bootloader, and the utility will deal with this on its own (but only with the installation USB drive created in BDU).

The support of the bootloader in a current status:

Further support of the bootloader and its updating is served by the UPDATER utility. By adhering to Apple’s ideology, we developed a comfortable environment for internal service. Just as Apple upgrades the firmware before updating the system, so we update the content of the bootloader (EFI folder) with the help of our utilities.

What will we have as a result?

Having received EFI from us, you can both install the system, and update it to new versions of macOS without any problems – it’s Apple Way.

For those who want to understand how to configure the bootloader for his/her hardware on his/her own – the main rule for you is to read, study, carry out experiments and call in question if the bootloader is configured correctly.

The correct algorithm for creating the installation USB drive and going through the Hackintosh installation steps is available from the page of each assembly!

Good Hack!

If you want to get access from our builds, write to us:

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